Welcome to Hostess du Jour!

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Don’t you love throwing parties and then
spending the entire time in the kitchen?….

NO!! Who wants to spend all their time in the kitchen,
wearing an apron, and serving the guests.

You want to enjoy your own party and
spend time with your family and friends.

You need a host for the day, and Hostess du Jour
is just what you’ve been looking for.

From as little as a party favor,
to as big as planning your entire event,

we can help you coordinate, host, decorate,
come up with a theme or set-up your next event.

Contact us today!  We’d love to meet with you.

Laurene Lee – laurenemlee@gmail.com

Summer Schmitz – sumschmitz@gmail.com

Check out our blog for fun recipes to try, or tips on decorating on a budget.