Tea Party

We have thrown two tea parties. One was a baby shower and the other just for fun. My husband’s mom and grandmother gave me a pile of vintage hankies. We used these as napkins – a different one on each plate. Butterflies cut out of reversible scrapbook paper marked name plates as well as decorated the japanese lanterns hung above the table for the shower and small birds nests with green speckled eggs decorated the second party. Each place had a different plate hand panted by my grandmother and a unique vintage spoon from Summer’s collection. A colored table cloth under the lace adds some color. The menu was four courses. A fresh baked scone with lemon curd, devonshire cream and fruit to start, then a plate of four different tea sandwiches, third was a small chinese chicken salad with a slice of potato crusted quiche and bacon wrapped asparagus and finally a plate of small baked desserts. These were two of my favorite parties.


2 thoughts on “Tea Party

  1. OH, what fun! Now I know where to go when I do a tea party! Looks fantastic, gals. You both are so creative!

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