Beef Hash

So you have this big roast, and it’s wonderfully savory, but you have all these leftovers!  If you are anything like me, I’m not a big leftover fan.  So this is one option with the left over roast from the deep dark files of my childhood.  Cut the leftover roast into bite sized pieces.  This is easiest to do while the roast is warm so the fat slides off easier.  I cut it up right after we finish dinner and then have it in my fridge already cut up.

In a large sauce pan put a little bit of butter or olive oil.  Cube the leftover potatoes from the roast and chop up an onion.   Saute these two items in the pan with the butter or oil until the potatoes are brown.  (I like crisp potatoes so I fry them quite a while).  Add the leftover beef as well as the leftover carrots sliced and about 1 cup or so (depending on amounts of other ingredients) of petite peas.  (Yes, it does matter if they are petite.  You guys who are saying “peas – eww gross” right now probably never had petite peas).  Saute everything about 2 minutes until everything is warm.  Add the leftover gravy to the pan and cook until bubbly and warm.  You can add some water if the gravy is too thick, but not to much!!  If you need more gravy, as is often the case, you can make more in a sauce pan using butter instead of the fat from the roast.  Follow the directions from the roast recipe posted earlier.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.  I have one more recipe for the leftovers to come.  Stay tuned!


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