Cole’s First Birthday Party

Cole’s first birthday party’s theme was orange and blue polka dots…. cause who doesn’t like polka dots!?!  I cut out polka dots of all different sizes and scattered them over the tables with food.  A buffet table by the entry way had a book with pictures of Cole his first year and a basket with polka dot cards.  People would write a birthday wish or memory of cole on the cards.  This explained on the invitiation to be instead of gifts.  Also on the buffet were the favors for the kids.  I bought paper CD envelopes and cowboy cookies to put inside them.  The cookies showed through the window.  Tables of hors d’oeuvres were through the house and outside we hung Christmas lights on the pergola.  I cut circles about 2 inches in diameter out of transparent blue and orange paper and then taped two circles on either side of each light so that the lights shined through the paper and made the outside glow with polka dots.

The cake….  that was the main event.  It was the first time I had made a two layer cake and used fondant.  I watched a you tube video that showed me how to use the fondant and a video on making wedding cakes that taught me how to make the layered cake.  I made a practice cake earlier in the month and the final product took me two days to make.  🙂  Maybe that will be another entry all together…

The guest of honor had a great time digging into the cake and it was fun to hang out with friends and family without the pressure of all the traditional birthday party games and eat good food.


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