Cole’s second birthday

Cole’s second party was  a moon theme.  I think it is fun to have the theme for a party be centered around one of your child’s first words.  One of Cole’s favorite words is moon…

For favors I ordered each child a Frank Asch book.  He writes these cute books about a bear and his adventures with the moon.  On the inside of the books I put Cole’s picture with some border paper behind it and wrote a note to each child from Cole.  These were displayed along with a picture of Cole on a table by the door where presents were dropped off.

The party was an evening dinner and the decorations were hanging stars and a moon with little twinkly lights all over.  The stars were made out of thick cardstock.  I cut out the star and then scored the midlines on the inside with a dull razorblad so they would bend out.  Then I put a silver bell between two stars and taped them together to create a 3D effect. This idea is from martha stewart, and you can find a template on her website if you search for stars.  The moon is made out of cardboard and painted with acrylic paint.  I just traced a dinner plate and then moved it a little until the moon was the right “phase” and traced again!  The table cloth was dark navy blue with glittery specks on it.

The cake was also a modification of a martha stewart recipe, also on her website.  It is made of 50 thin wafer like chocolate cookies.  The star and moon are frosted with Royal Icing and stuck on top.  I made way too many cookies, so I made Cole his own little cake with a star on top.  One thing I did differently from the recipe is I added marscapone cheese to the whipped cream.  This makes the cream stiffer and allows you to put the cake together earlier without it getting soggy or the whipped cream melting.  You add one small container of cheese for every pint of whipping cream.  This is a great idea for any dessert that has a whipped cream topper that you want to assemble ahead of time.


One thought on “Cole’s second birthday

  1. I remember every part of this birthday party, but these pictures capture the beauty and details that you so carefully planned. How wonderful to put these on a website so other “party planners” can be inspired and encouraged! You are a very creative woman! I’m impressed!

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