backyard fence

This is an idea to start planning for the coming warmer weather.  A whimsical fence to partition off part of your yard.  We started with 6 foot metal posts with holes in them.  You can find these at most hardward stores.  We hammered them into the ground as the “posts” about every 4-5 feet.  Then, using the holes in the posts, we screwed a 1×2 on either side to cover up the metal.  Using this method you don’t have to use concrete and sink large wooden posts.  After the posts are in, screw cross pieces on them.  We used 1×2 boards.  Leave openings where you want people to be able to walk through.  Then the slats of the fence came from an old broken fence with grape stakes.  We cut them off at various lengths and screwed them into the fence frame with all different spacings.  Some of the grape stakes were split in half long way so they were very thin, some were thicker.  You could use any recycled wood for this project.  The more variations the better.

As a final touch, at garage sales I found some iron decorations to hang on the fence.  They rust over time and add to the aged look.  You could also hang small jars along the fence and fill them with votive candles to light for an outdoor party.


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