Organization Idea

How many times have you seen a recipe, craft or idea in a magazine that you like?  Or maybe a design idea for a room?  Only to find later that you can’t remember where it is or forget it all together.  I stumbled across an idea that seems to solve this problem.  I got two composition books from Office Max – one for recipes and one for craft and home ideas.  I divided each book into sections using a piece of a notecard taped on the edge of a page as a divider.  My recipe book is divided into:

1.  Drinks and appetizers

2.  Main Dishes

3.  Soup and salad

4.  Desserts

5.  Breads

And my craft/home book is divided into

1.  Garden

2.  Entertaining

3.  Gifts ideas and seasonal projects

4.  Home organization and patio

5.  Fashion

Now each time I find an idea online or in a magazine I tear it out (or print it out) and paste it into the appropriate section.  Now each week as I plan my menu I can page through an organized book and find some fun new recipes to try.  After I try them I mark them and if they pass the quality test they are entered into my permanent recipe collection!


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