Baby Shower Games/Activities

Well, we’ve got a couple different baby shower’s coming up, and I thought I’d share some of my ideas for activities.  Most of my friends along with myself are not big fans of shower games, so these are a few non-threatening activities.

Set up an entry table, and as guests arrive have them self-address an envelop to a thank you card.  Which means that you either need to supply the mommy-to-be with thank you cards or let her know in advance that you’ll be doing this and ask her to give you the ones she is using.  Later the mommy-to-be will draw a name and that person wins a prize.  Do this as many times throughout the party as you want.  Also, having guests self address the envelops helps the mommy-to-be shave a little time off her busy schedule of writing all those thank you cards.

The basic idea is that your guests write down items that they think the mommy-to-be will be unwrapping at the party.  Write one item per square, then pass out stickers to use as bingo markers.  As the mommy-to-be is unwrapping presents, your guests will be very attentive, marking their items off their bingo cards in hopes of yelling “BINGO.”  Now, often times  your guests will want to write down their own gift that they brought.  I usually handle this one of two ways.  Either I have already written FREE on the center square and therefore they are not allowed to use their own gift, or, I do not include the FREE square and I let them use their own gift but only for one square.

HOW TO: Fashion a bingo card on the computer, bingo cards are basically tables that have 5 rows and 5 columns.  Use a cute baby themed graphic that matches your theme at the top of the page.  Then you can type out directions to the game, then insert your bingo table.  You can type Free on the center square if you like, or you can allow your guest one free spot to place anywhere they want.  Use colors that matches your theme to give it a little pizazz.

3. BLESSING BOOK: Since I am a photographer, this one is very special to me.  I take prego pics of the parents-to-be, thats both mom and dad.  And then they select 20 of their favorites.  I design a coffeetable book with spaces for guests to write a special prayer or blessing over the baby, or perhaps some parenting advice.  This will make a beautiful keepsake to be passed down years later.  I also, design custom Thank You cards for the parents, so that when they’re sending out thank  yous, their guest are also receiving a photo of them.  I’ve done this after the baby was born to, and made it a birth announcement as well.  But I digress… The blessing book can be set out at the entry table or passed around during the opening of gifts for guests to sign and look at: creating another experience at the shower.


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