Our First Party

My parents hired us for our first paid party.  The party was my dad’s 70th birthday in combo with a valentines party for their  friends.  We designed several different menu options and had my parents over to choose and sample some different foods.  We then designed and sent out invitations for 10 couples for the dinner.

Appetizers started the party.  We had three different stations around the house.  Blue cheese and walnut spread, sundried tomato and artichoke dip and feta stuffed cherry tomatoes.  We also had a wine table set up with several white and red options.  The guests moved to the tables after some mingling time.

Dinner started with a salad served with salami and provolone slices, olives and tomatoes with a home made balsamic vinegret.  Dinner  was spaghetti, roasted veggies and home made sundried tomato bread.

Toasts were made and stories shared as we served dessert.  Chocolate cups filled with vanilla pudding and raspberry puree with a raspberry on top.  Everyone stayed around and visited.  As they left, we had white boxes of heart shaped chocolate truffles as favors for them to take home.

Everything went really well.  I was really happy with how everything turned out.  We are looking forward to our next parties.  We have a 50th birthday and a shower coming up.  We’ll keep you posted!


2 thoughts on “Our First Party

  1. This was a lifetime experience for us! What treasured memories we have! What gracious hostesses you are! Mom and Dad

    • Ok. I love this website. YOu hostess du jour gals look fabo in your aprons and on the set.

      I loved reading about the soiree for Mom and Dad. wow are they blessed to have you gals, and Kedrick and coles bday parties and cakes. I love it!!!! Yeah for the Strawberry bush.

      Also, Princess Ayani’s 20 bday was so much fun. I loved it.

      Mom and Dad’s Centerpieces and very elegant tables and the hor d’ovre stations sound oh so yummy. Laurene bring that artichoke # to Sheppy’s table.


      Don-yella The Paris Themed Gal

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