Christmas Favors

We were asked to make the favors for a friend’s Christmas party this year.  We had fun brainstorming all sorts of ideas.  In the end we hand dipped oreo cookies in milk and white chocolate and then sprinkled them with sugar crystals of green and red.  I found some sugar crystals that were pepermint flavor.  That was fun.  Summer designed a label for the clear bags and we attatched the label and finished it off with Christmas ribbon.

A tip  if you try this idea at home.  The back of the chocolate chip bag has directions for melting the chips to dip.  They tell you to put them in the microwave and don’t stir them until the end.  Being a food snob I turned up my nose at these direction and thought surely this would be better done on the stove.  Nothing good ever came out of the microwave.  …  Twenty minutes later I had a hard glob of golden brown white chocolate in the trash can.  I would recommend following the directions on the package…I will humbly check my pride at the door next time.


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