Birthday in “Paris”

As I mentioned before, we threw a Paris themed party for a friend of ours who turned 50 this year.  The invitations went out, and instructed everyone to wear black and white so that the birthday girl would stand out in pink.  She showed up adorning a fabulous pink outfit with head to toe feathers.  If you knew her, you wouldn’t expect anything less.

When you walked into the house there were hanging circle streamers (a Martha Stewart idea), a bright pink Eiffel Tower, with two small bright pink gerber daisy arrangements.

The buffet table had a framed menu, in both French and English, with two dried branch arrangements that we wired some silk pink blossoms to.We used black fabric on all the tables, and found this white paper that had illustrations of the Eiffel Tower, a Fleur de Lis, and the Arc de Triomphe, and some bright pink tulle to add a little color.  The paper we found on, which is a prom supply company.  There is a lot of great stuff there, for not too expensive.

The backyard had lights flowing from the pergola to the avocado tree with pink and white paper lanterns.  Everyone sat around bistro tables with the same black fabric and Paris paper, and a single gerber daisy.  The drink tables were also in the backyard, one for hot drinks and one for cold.  We also had a small stage under the avocado tree, where friends and family could toast the birthday girl.

It was a beautiful party, the birthday girl was blown away, everyone who pitched in to help did an amazing job.  Thanks to everyone!!


5 thoughts on “Birthday in “Paris”

  1. As the recipient of the Paris Soiree, I cannot recommend the hostess du joures enough. These gals *my friends Summer and Laurene) are extrordinaire as we say in gay Pareeeeeee!! Tres manifique was the entire soiree – from the organization of the guest list, to the decor, hot Pink Eiffle Tower, black feather boa, pink etule and Eiffle tower placemats, cabaret lights hung with festive Japenese Lanterns in all shades of pink, cabaret tables bedecked with pink daisies, a stage, lights and sound system, food from Dave a Mc Clintock’s chef, the ambiance, French music (Edith Piaf and of course), champagne and eclairs, my blessing book designed and illustrated by Summer using past photo’s of Shepherds Table events, my 48th soiree, and (Laurene and Summer) secretly asked guests to send photo’s and stories or fav scripture, friends, family, love, laughter and did I fail to mention….the hot pink envelope if you please….a mock ticket from Air France and a dream come true….ta,da,da,da,da……a trip to Paris!!!!!!! Can you believe it? My heart is still exploding from the love of my friends and family! I am in shock in the best of ways and quite frankly floating on a cloud. How friends and family kept it a secret I shall never know. What a way to start the 50th. I love you all so very much and If you need or desire two lovely women to make your soiree or dreams come true. Summy (Summer) and Laurene are your gals du jour. Any part of a soiree, any party, anytime. Peace Out!!

  2. Oh Summer and Laurene and Matt and Ryan; (the hubbies du jour)

    The photo’s of my beautiful soiree are glorious and your descriptions defy the imagination. Such design, color, fun camera angles and writing. It was like being there anew – I never saw the sparkly goodies on the tables, and the decaf cart, and the punch bowls, beautiful. Oh and that photo of Mama and i, so precious, and the ladies of the Pismo Pearls and the Queen Kjerstina from Sweden, yah, and hugging you both ( you look so elegant), with the Right Reverand Scharn smiling in the background. What an extreme blessing you both most certainly are in my life. Dani

  3. You gals did a terrific job! From the yummy dinner to the awesome decorations and all the little details it between! What fun it was to see how surprised the B-day girl was! The memory book was such a wonderful idea! And the trip to Paris-oh, that is, indeed, the icing on the cake! Thank you for making this such a fun evening for all of us! Love you two! (Hubbies are included in that love!)

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