Quick Baby Shower Decor

I had a baby shower at my “day job” for the teacher I work with.  She is having a girl, and her nursery colors are black, white and yellow.  I was going to simply do helium balloons, and streamers in her colors since the shower was only going to last 30 minutes during the lunch break.  So, I went shopping for exactly those, when all of sudden I had this epiphany.  I found some tissue paper in the gift wrapping section.  It had words like: Baby, Congrats, and love, printed on white tissue paper in pink, blue, yellow and green.  Then it dawned on me…..THE PAPER FLOWERS!!!  I had these pink paper lanterns left over from previous parties, as well as some ribbon.  I only needed to buy the yellow polka dot ribbon and some tissue.  I rushed home and whipped out, 6 of these lanterns.  There are 3 paper flowers per lantern, and 3 different ribbons forming the bow.  Our shower was a potluck, so I hung 3 lanterns over the food table, and 3 over the gift table.  It was a smashing success and I spent very little time on the decoration.


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