Its Raining Its Pouring….

…..It’s a New Lewis We’re Adoring!

Here is more on our shower for Jaime Lewis.  The shower was at a friend of Pam’s, Brigitte Falkenhagen’s house.  Brigitte’s house was simply amazing and gorgeous, there were really no decorations needed.  She has a spanish style hacienda, with a beautiful courtyard, that’s where we had the shower.  We made these 7 foot tall parasols out of pvc pipe, spray paint, ribbon, rocks and terra cotta pots.  I think this was one of my greatest ideas ever.  The funny thing is, I don’t think I worked on any of it….oh wait, I did anchor the pvc pipe in cement.  The rest was all worked on by my husband, Matt, Laurene and Valerie.

From Left to Right: Laurene, Matt, Summer, Valerie


Note:  Make sure to take the parasol to the hardware store with you so that the width of the pipe is big enough to slide the parasol handle into it.  The folks at the hardware store can cut the pipe down to any length for you.

1.  Anchor the pvc pipe in some fence post concrete mix. We found it at the hardware store in 50lb bags for under $3.  To Anchor:  Line a bucket with a plastic grocery bag (make sure there are no holes), pour in some of the concrete mix, pour in water (just enough to moisten all the concrete), place the unpainted pvc pipe into the center, use a long level to make sure its straight.  Let dry overnight.  Remove the pole and concrete from the plastic bag, set outside to dry all the way through (this could take another day or two depending on how deep the concrete is).

2.  Spray paint the pvc with your first color, let dry and put on a second coat.  We recommend light coats so you don’t get drip mark.  You can do as many coats as it takes to achieve the look you want.

3.  Using painters tape, tape off the stripe pattern and then spray on your second color.  We used a 2 inch wide tape.

4.  Place the finished pole into any container and cover with dirt or rocks.

5.  Tie bows at the ends of the parasol, use different colors and lengths to create a more interesting effect.  Slide the parasol into the top of the pipe.  You can use anything as your topper.

6.  Bonus: We also added some crystals on one to make it look like rain drops.

We made two different sizes, four 7 foot tall stands, and two 4 foot stands.  We placed the  7 foot tall stands in the courtyard, and one 4 foot tall stand on the food table and the other on the Welcome/Gift table.

More cute details:

ABC blocks to spell out the baby's name.

Left over ribbon was used on the skirt of the food table. Brigitte's Idea!! So cute!!

Valerie found the swizzle stick idea on Pam was the one who actually put them together.

Pam made Umbrella Cookies as the party favor.


One thought on “Its Raining Its Pouring….

  1. Hi Summer and Laurene,
    You’re right this house is fastastic, but your little umbrellas were the ticket! Very creative! I love to see your ideas, you two!

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