Blessing book

My husband and I are photographers as well, and one thing we love to do for our friends that are having babies, is make a Blessing Book for them.  We have noticed a trend in belly photography that includes more of the daddy-to-be.  We have a photoshoot with the parents-to-be during the 7th month of pregnancy.  That way, mommy is nice and round but not so big that she’ll feel icky about her photos.  We go on location locally to a place of the parents choosing.  We usually shoot around 200-300 images, then we narrow them down to somewhere between 50 and 75 photos.  We upload them to a password protected, online album, and send the link and password to the the parents.  They look them over, send the link to all their family and friends, and then narrow them down again to their favorite 20-30 images.  We take those 20-30 images and design a photo book, using cute backgrounds, and their nursery colors.  We send a proof to the parents to approve before we go to print.  Once we get approval we order a photo book.  There is a great deal of space around the photos for friends and family to write messages to the coming baby, or the family as a whole.  People write blessings, or prayers, or advice.  Its a really wonderful keepsake, and all of our friends have loved them so far.

Here are some images found in the book:

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