Baby Shower

The latest event planned by Hostess Du Jour was an evening baby shower in gray and yellow.

Flowers were done by Connie Sparks and Hostess Du Jour.  Thanks Connie for all your help!

Old windows were bolted together and staked into the ground.  Pictures of the parents to be as babies were nailed to the windows.  Comfy chairs for the parents to sit in while opening presents added to the family room feel.

Dinner for the event was served after 45 minutes of hourdorves.  The food was catered by Auten Boys BBQ and Catering.  Dave’s food, as always, was fabulous.  We had grilled chicken breast, asparagus spears and shrimp topped with hollandaise sauce.  The entrée was served with salad and rice pilaf.  If you have an event to cater, Dave is a great choice!  Favors were chocolate truffles in tiny gift boxes placed at each person’s plate. Toasts were made by the grandparents to be, and there might have been a few tears in the touching moments.

The cakes were BEAUTIFUL, not to mention delicious.  The cakes were courtesy of Amanda Craner.  Chocolate (she does the best chocolate around), carrot cake and a lavender cake with lemon curd.  Absolutely divine!  Amanda is amazing.

Amy Wellenkamp photographers took pictures of the new parents to be and created a “belly book” for everyone at the shower to sign.  Everything Amy touches turns to gold.  The book was a work of art.  She is one of the most talented photographers in the area.  Thanks, Amy!

This was such a fun event to plan.  Thanks to all who helped.  We could not do these parties without all of you!


1 thought on “Baby Shower

  1. So…you got some pictures of this spectacular celebration. Inside of you, Laurene, is a fun creativity looking to burst out! You were amazing to work with and amazing to watch as it all unfolded. Who would have thought such beauty could come from yellow and gray! Mom

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