Bar Mitzvah

We were so privileged to be a part of designing the decor for a bar mitzvah.  The family was so wonderful to work with and we had a great time.  We wanted to create a fun feel and add some elements that were more masculine as well as make the decor personal.

What better way to say fun than three foot balloons!  We were so thankful for the help from Ryan and his mom Nancy for all their help!

The stage was full of the orange balloons.  AMS Entertainment provided music and lighting – sadly we didn’t get a picture!!

For center pieces we made fabric squares to add some color (thanks Candy!!).  We filled 12 inch fish bowls with teal water beads.  We wrapped the vase with ribbon that secured the balloon.  Orange carnations and a few orange craspedia filled the top of the vase.  We inserted a red wire to hold different pictures of the guest of honor from his childhood.  We finally finished it off with a light in the vase to illuminate the beads.

The front table had mandarin oranges with a small teal pin attaching a thank you note for each guest.  Pictures as well as some artwork helped decorate the table.

The bathrooms had a few small touches.

A big thanks to Piper for giving us this opportunity!  We had a wonderful time and wish you and your family the best.


4 thoughts on “Bar Mitzvah

  1. Incredibly delicious!! You guys are over the top in creativity! I wish we could have seen the final product. God bless you in your adventure. M. Boone

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