Schmitz Family Photo Shoot!!

This year we decided to have our family pictures taken at the Historic Oceano Train Station in Oceano, CA.  The reason for this is because our two year old son is in love with trains.  Our photographer for the day was our good friend Loren Radis.  He and his lovely family were helping us to make Bnut giggle and laugh.  Here are some of our favorites!

SchmitzTrainDec2013_621 SchmitzTrainDec2013_597 SchmitzTrainDec2013_591 SchmitzTrainDec2013_451 SchmitzTrainDec2013_420 SchmitzTrainDec2013_317 SchmitzTrainDec2013_195 SchmitzTrainDec2013_162 SchmitzTrainDec2013_148 SchmitzTrainDec2013_004 SchmitzTrainDec2013_023


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