Radis Family Photo Shoot!!

This is one of my favorite families.  We went to Biddle Park in Arroyo Grande, CA for their family photo shoot.  They’re daughter is too cute for words.  At this age, you really just keep your finger on the trigger and take as many photos as you can, you’re bound to get some great ones like these!!!

11594550285_7a66450a0d_o 11594554285_1f5f852177_o 11594744695_fd81ea4492_o 11594773434_c270526a40_o 11594783005_d0ec9dee0c_o 11595016114_7510b2e539_o 11595081634_ae8d177806_o 11595172683_93c6451253_o 11595177964_1b30742cf9_o 11595231414_78dc9ffd2c_o 11595248273_265117f307_b 11595280443_b9ab9634e8_o 11595345634_1aaeb45384_o 11595366626_6d5b84d1f8_o 11595407966_e245e1b623_o 11595447326_f5f2d2a669_o


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