Do you know Laurene?

Laurene grew up on the Central Coast of California, that’s where her love of food and crafting first began.  When Laurene was a little girl her mother would cook and make projects with her.  She comes from a long line of “foodies.”  She knows great food when she eats it and she loves to try out new recipes.  In college, she and her friends would cook for each other every week, just to try out new stuff.  She was often teased by people for always having homemade breads, jams, cookies, cakes, you name it.  They would call her “Martha Stewart.”  Food, however, is not her profession.  Laurene has a Masters Degree in Math and is a college professor at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo.  After the birth of her second child she chose to take a break from teaching so she could stay home and be with her family.  She is now the mother of two boys, and she is loving being able to volunteer at the elementary school.

Do you know Summer?

Summer also grew up on the Central Coast of California.  She remembers her mom making homemade ornaments for her and her sister to paint.  Summer could sit for hours and paint ornaments, but it wasn’t until she was an adult that she truly embraced her creative side.  All throughout school she was told she was the math and science girl, so she continued that path into college.  After getting an Associates Degree in Biology, Summer decided to toss out math and science and start exploring her creative side.  She started with a basic photography class and fell in love.  Photography became a jumping off point to be able to explore many other creative areas.  She got a job at her local church where she learned about Graphic Design.  And since then has had many opportunities to explore her creativity.  She likes to think of herself as a “Martha in training.”  And among her friends she is often called upon for some interior design input.  Now that she has started her own family, she cannot wait til the days of crafting with her kiddos.

How did we get started doing this?

It all started with a Christmas party for our couples group.  We were starting a couples group and wanted to have everyone over to Laurene’s for dinner and a gift exchange.  Summer brought over all of her Christmas decorations and between both of them the house looked like a rustic boutique, with delightful little appetizers strategically placed, and beautifully garnished cocktails.  After that we started throwing baby showers for friends, and then just parties for fun.  Throwing parties for people is the one thing that really gets our blood pumping.  We are now entering into the wedding arena, where we will help design the decor around our bride’s theme, suggest vendors and coordinate on the day of.

Together Laurene and Summer are an amazing design team from food, to invitations, to decorations, you name it.  They love a great party theme.  They love searching the internet for ideas and inspiration.  And they’d love to plan your next event.  Contact them today!!