Easter Peeps Nest

I saw this done on Pinterest, but the nest was made out of chinese noodles instead.  These nests are shredded wheat done up like rice crispy treats with the melted butter and marshmallows.  Then drop a couple egg shaped candies, these ones are Reese’s Pieces, and Cadbury Chocolate Eggs, and then place a Peep on top.  I found these chocolate covered Peeps at Wal Mart.

A super cute treat for an Easter gathering.


How To Make A Christmas Ornament Wreath

I made this wreath this year to match our multi-colored theme indoors.  I love make a door arrangement of some kind that matches what people will see on the inside.  It gives a little taste of what is to come.


• wire wreath form (you can get this at any craft store)
• paddle wire (also at your local craft store)
• wire cutters
• hot glue gun
• assortment of ornaments in different shapes and colors (I bought these from Walmart at the end of the season, they were 75% off.  These ones are also shatterproof, but you can use any ornaments that you like)



Wrap paddle wire around the wire wreath form – this will give you more surface area for the ornaments to sit on.


Start gluing the largest ornaments first – you can do this in a pattern or randomly.


Then continue on to the next largest size ornaments


Fill in the gaps with the smaller ornaments

When you are finished you will bask in the glory of your custom designed ornament wreath.

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Handcrafted Journals – A Great Gift for the Holidays!

These journals were easy to make and turned out beautiful.  I bought composition books at my local office supply store, and scrapbooking supplies at my local craft store and voila….a beautiful journal.  What’s really fun about this project is that you can get scrapbook paper that fits the personality of whomever you’re making it for…from masculine to young teenager girls, it doesn’t matter.  And they don’t necessarily need to be used as journals.  My friend uses hers as a home wish list.  She sees something in a magazine, like a kitchen design she loves, then she cuts it out and pastes it into her design book.  I use mine as a place where I brainstorm parties and events.

Easter Egg Dye

A new egg dying idea from Matha Stewart!  I tried it and it was really fun.  First of all, I didn’t buy one of those egg dying kits, I just used 1/2 C. boiling water, 1 tsp. cider vinegar and about 10-20 drops of regular food coloring.  The colors were so much more bright and fun than the packages you buy!  So Martha’s idea was to dye the egg in a light color.  If you use the recipe above, I would use about 5 drops of a color.  Then let the egg dry for about 15 min.  You can pat it dry with a paper towel if there are still some wet spots.  Then, in a shallow bowl (about half an egg’s depth) mix up a darker color dye.  I would recommend about 20 drops of a color.  Add about 1 Tbs. olive oil to the bowl and whisk it up.  Quickly roll the egg around the bowl once and remove.  The oil and color will swirl over the base color.  It is really fun and easy.  I did it with my kids and they had fun picking the pairs of colors to go together.  After the eggs are dry you can wipe the oil off with a paper towel.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the eggs after we swirled, but here is a picture of the eggs with the food coloring dye.  I was able to get the deeper jewel tone colors by using brown eggs.  I really liked this effect and I may go exclusively brown eggs next year!

backyard fence

This is an idea to start planning for the coming warmer weather.  A whimsical fence to partition off part of your yard.  We started with 6 foot metal posts with holes in them.  You can find these at most hardward stores.  We hammered them into the ground as the “posts” about every 4-5 feet.  Then, using the holes in the posts, we screwed a 1×2 on either side to cover up the metal.  Using this method you don’t have to use concrete and sink large wooden posts.  After the posts are in, screw cross pieces on them.  We used 1×2 boards.  Leave openings where you want people to be able to walk through.  Then the slats of the fence came from an old broken fence with grape stakes.  We cut them off at various lengths and screwed them into the fence frame with all different spacings.  Some of the grape stakes were split in half long way so they were very thin, some were thicker.  You could use any recycled wood for this project.  The more variations the better.

As a final touch, at garage sales I found some iron decorations to hang on the fence.  They rust over time and add to the aged look.  You could also hang small jars along the fence and fill them with votive candles to light for an outdoor party.

Cole’s second birthday

Cole’s second party was  a moon theme.  I think it is fun to have the theme for a party be centered around one of your child’s first words.  One of Cole’s favorite words is moon…

For favors I ordered each child a Frank Asch book.  He writes these cute books about a bear and his adventures with the moon.  On the inside of the books I put Cole’s picture with some border paper behind it and wrote a note to each child from Cole.  These were displayed along with a picture of Cole on a table by the door where presents were dropped off.

The party was an evening dinner and the decorations were hanging stars and a moon with little twinkly lights all over.  The stars were made out of thick cardstock.  I cut out the star and then scored the midlines on the inside with a dull razorblad so they would bend out.  Then I put a silver bell between two stars and taped them together to create a 3D effect. This idea is from martha stewart, and you can find a template on her website if you search for stars.  The moon is made out of cardboard and painted with acrylic paint.  I just traced a dinner plate and then moved it a little until the moon was the right “phase” and traced again!  The table cloth was dark navy blue with glittery specks on it.

The cake was also a modification of a martha stewart recipe, also on her website.  It is made of 50 thin wafer like chocolate cookies.  The star and moon are frosted with Royal Icing and stuck on top.  I made way too many cookies, so I made Cole his own little cake with a star on top.  One thing I did differently from the recipe is I added marscapone cheese to the whipped cream.  This makes the cream stiffer and allows you to put the cake together earlier without it getting soggy or the whipped cream melting.  You add one small container of cheese for every pint of whipping cream.  This is a great idea for any dessert that has a whipped cream topper that you want to assemble ahead of time.

Easter Tree

My sister-in-law made this easter tree for my mother-in-law. It is similar to the idea of the christmas tree with the stars hanging on it.  Use wooden or blown out eggs.  Paint them or have your kids decorate them.  Glue gun a ribbon on them and hang them on twigs in a vase.  You can put marbles or rocks in the vase