Kids Playroom

Summer and I took a break from our party planning and decided to design a new playroom for my boys.  We brainstormed all sorts of ideas and drew up some plans.  This is what we came up with!!

As you walk in the door, you see the wall with the window.  I ordered fabric online and made curtains.  Summer drew silhouettes of some of the boys favorite toys and I painted them on a canvas.

Table and chairs that I have collected over the past year were spray painted in several different colors.

The wall to the right has the closet on it.  The inside of the closet is painted orange and baskets ordered from Land of Nod.  Closet doors are removed.  Cork squares are hung on the wall to hold the boy’s work.  We purchased the squares at Michael’s.  They were thicker than the ones we found online.

The wall on the left has cubbies that Ryan made.  You can find them ready to assemble at Home Depot, but they don’t fit the baskets from Land of Nod.  The other  cubbies are made for baskets from Martha Stewart that are in pastels.  I painted an armoire white that I already had.  This houses the movies and TV.  I bought a large canvas for each boy and let them have at it.  They are hung over the cubbies.  The clock was purchased from Target.

Labels for the basket are made from name tags and clips from Office Max.  I found images of each of the toys online and pasted them into a document with the names.

The door wall is painted green with a sofa sleeper from IKEA.  The bed is really comfortable with an egg crate on top.  The bed works like a futon, but the mattress is actually in two pieces so it doesn’t get folded and have a big bump down the middle.  No crazy bar down the middle like regular sofa beds, and the mattress doesn’t slide down like a futon.  It comes in several different colors.

The boys love it and they have lots of space to play.  It was fun to design and it has a fun feel!  Thanks Summer!  Back to party planning soon!


Organization Idea

How many times have you seen a recipe, craft or idea in a magazine that you like?  Or maybe a design idea for a room?  Only to find later that you can’t remember where it is or forget it all together.  I stumbled across an idea that seems to solve this problem.  I got two composition books from Office Max – one for recipes and one for craft and home ideas.  I divided each book into sections using a piece of a notecard taped on the edge of a page as a divider.  My recipe book is divided into:

1.  Drinks and appetizers

2.  Main Dishes

3.  Soup and salad

4.  Desserts

5.  Breads

And my craft/home book is divided into

1.  Garden

2.  Entertaining

3.  Gifts ideas and seasonal projects

4.  Home organization and patio

5.  Fashion

Now each time I find an idea online or in a magazine I tear it out (or print it out) and paste it into the appropriate section.  Now each week as I plan my menu I can page through an organized book and find some fun new recipes to try.  After I try them I mark them and if they pass the quality test they are entered into my permanent recipe collection!